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Posts about Galactic Center written by Cerena Childress. Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus are double inconjunct Libra, forming a Yod. They will.
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This is a very feminine energy we are going to try to see, our cosmic home what we we all birthed from. The most discreet mysterious cosmic Creative birthing force in the Universe as far as we know. Katie Bouman a Ph D from MIT is one of the women who helped develop the algorithm to create the photograph is being hailed world wide for her contribution. This indicates women bringing the balance of power to the scientific world now. If you have planets at degrees Sagittarius you are connected to the GC. Tune in as the eyes of the world looks deep into the void. It is a combining of the two opposite energies into each other.

This is a type of alchemy. So Stay tuned. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. There are huge Galactic things going on. But you know that you can feel it. Star Boy. The conjunction happens this Weeknd. First discovered in by Harlow Shapley an American Astro-physicist. Shapley 8 guides the GA in the Universe like an offstage puppet master. The cosmic Octopii pulls the GA, which draws in our local group and our solar system to it. For example of how powerful the G.

She was before Eve a man made creation. Lilith is currently broadcasting from the Galactic Center right now. The MeToo campaign is proof of that. Neptune is currently orbiting in a square which will get more intense in to the G. Is it a Giant Spider weaving the web of existence as Lakota Legends tell? Do you believe in E. This is a big opportunity to tune in my friends. The Orionids meteor shows which the great pyramids are connected to are raining down as well. It feels like a huge Galactic uploading is going on. Let me know what your dreams reveal tonight as Scorpio Moon trines Neptune.

The 12222 Sagittarius Full Moon and the Galactic Center

The Eclipse is very soon. This very powerful eclipse has been written about by many. This is a New Moon initiation of Galactic Proportions. It also represents the closing of a cycle that began 18 years and 11 days ago on August 11, Leo is governed by the SUN. It is being referred to as the Great American Solar Eclipse for that reason.

The last time a total eclipse crossed the U. Millions of people will be gathering to be in the eclipse path there on the 21 st. We must look at the synchronicity of this event. America is already divided and polarized and requires a lot of healing. The Solar Eclipse will help to enlighten not only the U. Raphael extends a beautiful emerald green ray of light from this Archangels heart chakra which we will fully call into our hearts and extend that emerald healing ray of love to the world during the eclipse.

How wonderful. All eclipses alter the electromagnetic frequencies in our bodies and the earth. During totality, all of nature becomes quiet. No animals make a sound. We need to be still and silent during the eclipse. It is the Cosmic Yoni, the Womb of the Great mother and is the source of great cosmic wisdom and healing. A perfect balance of masculine Solar energy and Feminine Galactic consciousness.

We need to connect with all the Leonine qualities. Courage, pride, will power, strength, passion, Love and leadership. LEO is the sign of creativity, it rules the heart, self-expression, drama and the child; our inner and the real children who need protection and unconditional love. This profound symbol of hope tells us that in times of apparent darkness, the light always shines and triumphs.

We will all download the codes and frequencies in our consciousness on all levels. If you wish to work solo that is fine too. Listen to your own heart. Remember to never look directly at the eclipse without protective eyewear or you will go blind. We will honor this eclipse with ceremony because we are an intrinsic part of the turning of the cycles of time. You can keep your ritual as simple as you like, just light a candle and sit facing the direction that works for you.

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You can be outside, or in. Read the Meditation Instructions and focus your energy in your heart. Remember that everything is intention. Be prepared in advance before the start of the eclipse. If you must leave the circle for any reason after you have called in the directions, angels and spirit please say. Always move clockwise in ceremonial space. Use Smudge- dried- not cooking-sage. Sweetgrass and dried cedar is a North American cleanser. Palo Santo an ancient wood from Peru, Copal or other incense.

Smudge your aura and chakras and then the space. Bring into your circle if you wish, as many colors, metals, flowers and oils to harmonize with the Leo energy. A picture of yourself as a child. Some paper a journal and some pastels or crayons colored pencils or paints to create with. This card traditionally shows a woman holding the jaws of a lion open or riding a lion with an infinity symbol over her head, indicating that she has learned to control her unconscious animal instincts and that she has achieved enlightenment.

The five, six and seven of Wands represent each Decan of Leo. If you have a Tarot deck pull out these cards to act as Guides and Mascots for this meditation. You can easily find these images online. You can pre-record these instructions with pauses to listen to as you do the meditation. After you have smudged. Light your candles one by one. Start with the direction and element that works for you. Call in the four elements, the four directions, spirits and Four Archangels into your sacred circle. In their traditional and Zodiacal order:.

You can call on any Lion spirit animals or Gods and Goddesses. You can find these sacred chants on YouTube. Begin to breathe, naturally deeply, sending your breath down your spine into your 1 st root chakra, down your spine, ruled by Leo, into Mother earth to ground you. Mother earth also has a heart flame at her center.

Go down deeper and deeper past the rocks crystals and minerals and merge with her liquid iron molten core which is her heart. You can ask Mother Earth if she needs you to do something for Her. Wait and see if something happens. Trust that you are receiving something on an unconscious level.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Thank Mother Earth, Gaia. Breathe into your 3 rd chakra spending more time here.

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  4. This chakra 2 finger widths below your navel symbolizes your inner sun and your spiritual umbilicus and will power connecting your spirit to the cosmos. You may feel your heart expand open and feel strengthened. Feel and sense your heart.

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    In your imagination go into your heart. Enter the walls of your heart and note the four chambers. You will hear the loud pounding and the swishing of your blood flowing. Let go of any mental resistance and allow yourself to be present in your heart scape. Follow your subtle feelings. You may enter any chamber of your heart or just stay centered there.

    Feel one with the drum beat of your heart.

    The Not-Quite-NASA-Approved Theory of Black Hole Astrology

    If it feels right, you can call for a feline spirit animal to come to accompany you. Be open. A lion or a kitten, panther, lioness or cheetah may appear as the spirit of Leo. If no animal appears, just stay in your heart and breathe love. If there are blocks, resistance or pain, call Archangel Raphael to heal you. If you need to cry, do so, as this is a time to express your feelings fully. Call in Archangel Raphael and the Lion spirits. Really open yourself fully to receive whatever impressions, sensations, images or words come through to you. This is a huge galactic download.

    Feel your heart swell with love and strength. Feel, send and see yourself and the entire planet immersed in an emerald Green ray of Love. Intend that all humans recognize their own spiritual Light and inner authority. Intend that Love is the Higher Law; that creativity, passion, bliss, protecting the children and our Mother the Earth are our sacred duties. Feel tenderness, strength, courage, healing and passion pumping in your veins. Vow to love yourself and others more. Vow to love everything under the Sun as sacred. Vow to be the star in your own life and your own movie.

    You are Sovereign. Vow to be a sacred artist and to create and co-create. Dance, sing and drum in circles all of the time. At the end of the eclipse close your ceremony thanking the spirits Angels and elements for being in your circle. Release and thank each one out loud back to their direction, from where you began.

    Thank you. It is finished in beauty. He was linked to an actual human teacher healer. Saturn at the Galactic Center is aiming towards itself. Your longing for Me is My message to you. All your attempts to reach Me Are in reality My attempts to reach you.

    The Galactic Center and Higher Consciousness

    Your fear and love are a noose to catch Me. Let it have its howling voice heard in the anguish of the winds. Curse your father or your mother if you must to crumble the crust that has kept your heart safe. Rail and rail, spit on those who would reduce the earth to rubble, those who have harmed you or those you love. Scream at the injustice, tear your hair. Release your addictions. The purge is a healing thing. Feel it all. As Joni Mitchell wrote in a song. Sit and meditate quietly by a tree if you can, by a stream, under the sky, with mother nature.

    If not, bring yourself into balance in a natural way. Take a bath with lavender oil, or rose oil, epsom or Himalayan salts. Wash away the pain layers. Rebirth yourself. Or imagine it. We are all feeling this grief, honor it. Taste your cleansing tears. They help us rebirth ourselves. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated.

    A bit early this year, usually its on the 22nd. There will be mucho litigation, in the next year and a bit with Saturn in Sagittarius. The Dakota Access Pipeline may finally see a stop. Indigenous people have been water cannon bombed this past night, stuck on a bridge in 23 degree weather with no life saving emergency services. This is all illegal. The world is watching although major news outlets are hardly covering this story. Major banks are pulling out their financing. A little history helps reveal the answer. Firstly, the GC was discovered by western scientists in using an early radio-telescope.

    They were trying to understand the static in the overseas phone lines and found the GC partially responsible. More than that, they put their focus on it. In deliberate creation, we know that what we focus on expands, and this holds true for the GC. Like the Great Attractor, interstellar dust and the plane of our galaxy hide the GC from sight.

    But astronomers say it coincides with the radio source called Sagittarius A. Think black hole hundreds of thousands to billions of time larger than our sun. Not surprisingly, it is the source of most of the gravitational energy in our galaxy. Recently, astronomers have measured flaring events at multiple wavelengths coming from the supermassive black hole. Read more here…. They also called it the Tree of Life. As horizon astronomers, they identified the solstices and the equinoxes, the lunar months.

    They also tracked the retrograde cycles of Mercury, Venus and Mars. Without a telescope or radio waves. Unfortunately, their knowledge vanished when books and oral traditions were destroyed. Also, this is the Leo Decan and Libra Dwad. Read more about the Divisions of the Signs. But, adding the ruler of Leo, the sun consciousness and Libra, Venus connection , we can say this point aligns with expansion, purpose and sharing. It merges the trans-personal drives of Sagittarius with the relationship drives of Leo and Libra.

    Ultimately, think of this point as an awakening, a burst of energy that supports the creation of new thoughts and the release of limiting beliefs. If you have the GA highlighted in your chart in some way, it could mean you are particularly aligned with expansion, explorations into the unknown and bringing discoveries back to share with others. A consciousness lifter! At the least, it puts added focus in the chart. Conjunct your Mar? Get physical, active and engaged with something that holds high meaning to you.

    The Ascendant hits this point once a day as it moves through all degrees of the zodiac in a 24 hour period.